The NWO are proud to announce their sponsorship and support of Pride

 All seeing eye

Don’t underestimate the cunning of the corporate world and their elite overlords in their schemes to pull us into their NWO agenda.. Even our attempts at revolution is hijacked and fed back to us neatly packaged, complete with corporate logo. Think I’m joking? Well read on

I’m writing this on the lead up to London Pride. This parade which was once a defiant and brave claim for freedom by the sexually marginalised, has allowed it’s self to be drawn into the corrupt profit worshiping corporate world.

Now instead of being pioneers for a heart based society based on genuine equality, it marches behind the banners of the multinational cabals who between them own and control of the majority of the worlds resources.

Starbucks is just one among the many logo adorned banners claiming to ” Proudly support London Pride”, but whose real motive is to gain credibility by identifying with a cause whose PC ratings zooms off the Richter scale. The truth is that these corporate predators don’t give a monkeys for any thing or anybody that doesn’t serve to swell their obscene profits..

Look for example at Starbucks who are using Pride as an opportunity to advertise their so called ethical dealings with their third world coffee suppliers. . What we’re not told about is the collusion of the transnational corporations with the IMF in forcing these growers to abandon their independent traditional farming practises for cash crop dependency.

The fact is that the international bankers and their corporate cronies who control the money supply are cunning in their strategy.  By colonising debt dependent countries they are taking control of all the earth’s resources .They get away with it by conditioning us to except their acquisition of the planet as a “Harmonisation” Process “Through which discord and division between people and nations is banished”


Their real aim is to rob us of our individuality, our national identity, separate us from our traditional roots and reduce us all into a brain washed homogeneous mass, unable to tell the difference between real freedom and it’s hideous centrally controlled trans-humanist NWO doppelgänger.

In contrast the Gender Revolution is a genuine evolutionary force. Unlike the artificially created model of globalised harmony, the shrinking of gender divisions is moving us nearer to unity. It is a force that cannot be stopped, but sadly it seems, it can be coerced. And this is what the globalists are doing by their infiltration into Pride and other expressions of rebellion.

I would have thought that the LGBT crowd, who are so vociferous in their support for freedom would be alert to the tactics being used on them.But instead of using their growing influence to stop the encroachment of the globalists into our lives,they seem have fallen for the hype and are inviting them in. This is alarming to say the least.

But lets hope it’s not too late. I see signs of true rebellion reemerging within the movement, heralding a return to it’s original spirit. If not, and it fails to weed out the pernicious influences taking them over,it won’t be long before the victory of the usurpers is complete and we are met with the sight of the parade of frolicking funsters being led by a banner adorned with an All Seeing Eye logo, proclaiming: ” The NWO are proud to announce their sponsorship and support of Pride”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     All seeing eye


Marilyn. Used Abused and Beautiful



              Marilyn: Used Abused and Beautiful

A study of the troubled life and mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe reveals the various layers of deception and illusion we are trapped within. It also leads into a shadowy world of covert government operations, psychological manipulation and the deliberate distortion of reality.

Dig deeper and you move into the really dark realms involving abuses of power which can only described as Evil.

This world sucked Marilyn into it’s vortex and eventually destroyed her

I became interested in Marilyn only recently after watching her in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds where she gives a star performance as the ultimate dumb blond.

But even while enjoying the films wonderful escapist froth I couldn’t help reflecting on the disconnect between Marilyns glamorous screen image and the reality of her tormented inner life. I knew about her loveless childhood which gave her a low sense of self worth, her struggle with drugs and of her affair with Jack Kennedy. And like so many others I was intrigued by the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death at the early age of thirty six.

Marilyn’s career was at it’s zenith during the schizophrenic 1950’s, when obsolete pre war values fought to push back a future of infinite possibilities

The sugar coated American popular culture of that time, gives no hint the ticking cultural time bomb about to detonate with a force equal to the nuclear explosions that had devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki only a few years earlier.

As this period is pivotal to the developing politcal landscape which influenced Marylin’s final years, it needs a few paragraphs to cover it in more detail – so bear with me .

After after the official ending of WW2 the deadly struggle for global dominance continued. And when Russia detonated its own atomic bomb, fear for the inevitable deadly confrontation ran through the world.America in particular lived in a state of heightened paranoia.

Socialism was sweeping through Europe and America was gripped with fear that the same might happen at home.. The CIA was recruited to infiltrate a program of social engineering designed to impose unquestioning acceptance of capitalist values on the American people.

Behind the scenes a deadly battle was raging between the ideologies of Communism and Capitalism, which although seeming to be diametrically opposed, differed only in cultural expression.

The favoured control systems of Russia and America shared a common purpose-which was to program their respective populations into accepting the role of worker drones to feed the Military Industrial Complex while at the same offering their children to be sacrificed in deliberately engineered wars.

The Soviet Union as it was then, had its own agency of propaganda with the innocuous title “Communism Information Bureau”. But while propaganda was accepted as the Soviet Modus Operandi, America prided itself on being the Land Of The Free.

That being the case,it’s psychological operations (PSYOPS) – had to be honed to the point of invisibility and filtered into the heart and minds of the American people without them knowing.

To that end The Council of Cultural Freedom was created- which in true Orwellian style meant exactly the opposite of what it said. Television with its blanket advertising, and mainstream media in general, were the favoured channel of operations, but there were many other CIA funded agents of disinformation enlisted to program the mass mind into passive obediance ..

Among the most vicious was Project MK-ULTRA. Which was a Military /CIA program to use LSD, along with sensory deprivation, hypnotism and electro shock treatment, to bring dissidents into line including ordinary American citizens

As I said. Evil.

The effectiveness of LSD as a mind control drug had been tested on war traumatized GI’s, black heroin addicts, mental patients, prostitutes, prisoners, and in one recorded case, a group of fourteen year old residents of a child care home.

If this trajectory had not been interrupted the world would be in an even worse state than it is at the moment. I wouldn’t be here to type this. I’d be in a mental institution, drugged out of my sanity along with countless others.

But the instinct for truth cannot be easily repressed. Neither can the planetary cycles governing evolution. Even by the CIA.

And sure enough as the fifties progressed there came a cosmic kick back.. The forces of life broke through-as they must. And as is to be expected, were felt first by those least affected by education.

To start things off a young a hill billy walked into a Memphis recording studio to cut a disc for his mothers birthday – unwittingly creating a whole new music form.The fuse of white country music and raw black energy ripped through working class culture like an avenging angelleaving the mind controllers floundering in its wake.

In Alabama, Rosa Parker, a descendant of plantation slaves decided she was done with sitting the back of the bus. Her defiance triggering the release of two hundred years of simmering resentment, which later formed itself into the Black American Civil rights movement

The pent up confusion of the young generation was mirrored in the film” Rebel Without a Cause” starring troubled gay actor James Dean; Marlon Brando and his gang of outlaw bikers terrified respectable citizens in the movie The Wild Ones and the newly coined term“Juvenile Delinquent” trembled on the lips of bewildered parents across the land.

On the literary front the cult read was Jack Kerroaks” On the Road” whose outsider hero Moriarty reflected the growing rejection of American values. The Beat poets were having their say too with Alan Ginsburg’s angry poem “Howl”

For a while it looked like this break out of spontaneous life might win the day, but it’s youthful innocence was no match for the sophistication of a system honed in the art of subverting all expressions of creative energy and sucking them back into the control grid.

Before too long the whirlwind had been tamed,comodified and used to sell cornflakes.The young hillbilly was conscripted into the army and the cultural landscape reverted to it’s former blandness. The threat to the status quo had passed.

Or so it seemed

Although Marilyn took no part in these changes she would have been aware of the shifting cultural landscape. Behind the carefully cultivated screen image lay a deeply sensitive and intelligent woman.. She was home in the avant guard circles of New York where she met the intellectual play write Arthur Millar who she later married.

She had no political education, but because of her instinctive identification with the abused and downtrodden, she shared Millars communist sympathies and was prepared to risk her career by standing by him when he was indicted during the witch hunting McCarthy era. (After the horrors of the Stalinst purges emerged, Millar backed off from Communism)

She also was a canny business woman with a tough streak of determination. If she had been the ditzy little air head portrayed in her films she would not have been able to negotiate her way througthe vipers pit Hollywood for as long as she did.

This quirky mix of vulnerability, toughness and street wise savvy, plus the humour that infused her sexiness crossed gender barriers, making her loved and admired by both sexes. By the mid fifties she was the cinemas’ number one attraction.

Although Marilyn had ambitions to be a serious actress and studied at the Lee Strasbourg school of method acting, she continued to accept the lightweight dumb blond roles firmly rooted in the two dimensional world of American materialism.

Which is perhaps understandable as she was so damned good at them. Her skill as a comedienne with an instinctive sense of timing was acknowledged..And despite debilitating attacks of terror which made her regularly late on set,once there she worked hard at getting things exactly right.

It’s been said that legendary inability to remember the script was in fact a cunning strategy. If she didn’t agree with how she was being directed she’d deliberately fluff her lines, wearing the director down until he caved in and let her do it her way. Proving that you don’t get to be the worlds most highly acclaimed screen actress by being stupid.

Marilyn’s stunning physical beauty was a curse as well as a blessing. If she’d been merely pleasantly attractive with less distractions she may have summoned the discipline to develop into the serious actress she wanted to be. And perhaps created a different fate from the one that eventually claimed her.

As it was her looks were an easy way of opening doors and earning some ready cash.

The famous Playboy nude centre fold is a case in point. She knew in those hypercritically puritanical times nudity would be frowned upon by any future studio who wanted to promote her. But the rent had to be paid and she had no inhibitions about nudity, so what the hell.

When it did emerge later in her career she fronted it out and was truthful to the public who readily forgave her

But airbrushed nudity was the least of the dangers of Playboy

Playboy which was first published in 1953 had a more sinister intent than mere sexual titillation.Hugh Hefner was actively involved in the CIA brainwashing agenda and it’s been said that Playboy, whose overt purpose was to provide the antidote of fun filled fantasy sex for stressed out middle class men,was set up with CIA funding.

There is also evidence emerging that suggests the glossy edifice of Playboy concealed horrific activities, including the provision of AK Ultra brainwashed woman to be sexually abused by powerful men. And worse (if that’s possible) peddled children to those whose tastes ran to paedophilia.

It’s been suggested that Marilyn had been AKA Ultra brainwashed at some point before being fed to the Kennedies and Mafia boss Joe Luciano

There isn’t hard evidence to back that up that ( yet) but the deeper you delve into the slime pit of the Playboy empire it seems entirely possible. I could say more but lets move on – – –

As the fifties progressed, ripples of rebellion against the sheer grinding boredom of the system were creeping into suburbia, disturbing the glossy surface of the American Dream. There was a growing resentment (among middle class white men in particular) for the narrow confines and stultifying false morality of thier lives.

Sales of Playboy rocketed.

In the effort to stem the stirrings of discontent (and keep the threat of communism at bay) all levels of society were bombarded by mind control techniques – from Marvel comics to the The Institute of Modern Art-and everything in between.

It all got ridiculousa mad hologram, where truth, lies, deception, subterfuge,double dealing, plots and counter plots became so entwined it was impossible to tell them apart. Which of course was the plan.

As the new decade approached, It seemed as if the control tactics of the government and its secret agents had been successful

But the dynamic forces released earlier during those few short years of rebellion had not gone away, only disappeared underground to mutate in readiness for a comeback.

And by the start of the sixties the second stage of the cultural revolution was about to hitthis time with a fury which would shake the establishment to its rotten core.

(More about the Sixties revolution on the post entitled Who’s afraid of the CIA?”)

So where did Marilyn stand in this scenario? The answer to that question leads to the heart of her tragedy.By this time she had become deeply ensnared in a web of corrupted power.

The period spanning 1955 and last years of her life is described in the exhaustively researched book “ The last days Marilyn Monroe” by Donald H. Wolfe.

While the cause of her death will always be a matter of speculation, there are documented facts which cannot be ignored. Among these is Marilyn’s affair with Jack Kennedy. Whether she also slept with Bobby Kennedy is not certain, but she was extremely close to him and it seems probable.

A decadent underworld of show biz celebrities encircled the presidential hub of power,the chief player being Frank Sinatra and his sidekick pimp Peter Lawson. Sinatra’s involvement with high ranking Mafia personalities is well known, Mafia boss Mario Luciano was practically a member of the Rat Pack.

As well as her affairs with the Kennedies’ she was also sexually involved with Sinatra and Luciano.This was the circle that Marilyn was drawn into  during the final years leading to her death.






TO –



Two paths open up before us. One of freedom the other of control.Which will you choose. And can you tell the difference?

Two paths open up before us. A globalised New World Order A world controlled by increasingly sophisticated technology linking us up to a centralised data base, put in place and validated by an international legal system.

 Or one based on a recognition of invisible web of energy that connects all creation

Make no mistake. Although both systems aim for interconnection, one leads to freedom the other to enslavement. The way to tell them apart is to ask a simple question. Which protects the supremacy of the individual spirit to decide what is right ? And which is imposed upon us by an external authority? And most important of all – which path is has a heart beating at it’s centre and which an algorithim ?

We have to sharpen up,because our dreams of a unified world is being hijacked, subverted and fed back to us as the hideous doppelgänger of quasi liberal ideology. . The artificial program of collectivisim is just one such example, but there are others. People will move towards recognition of their common identity in their own time and in their own way-and not be sucked into a social programming agenda designed to rob us of our national identity, our connection to our ancestral roots, and to make us feel like criminals for loving the land that gave us birth.

The Quantum Christ.


I wrote this a few years ago . Thought it would make a good follow up to my Satan post.

This is my personal exploration into why the Christian story continues to exert such a magnetic pull on so many hearts and minds -including my own. Christianity like so many other religions can be sen as nothing more than a myth created by our yearning to bring meaning to an infinitely mysterious  universe.

Perhaps there’s no such thing as objective truth and that all so called truths  are constructs of our limited minds.But myth contains a kind of mythical truth and this is mine.

The ancient book of the I Ching describes the universe as comprising of two great cosmic forces eternally swirling in at out of existence, each giving way to the other. Another way of imagining this exchange is to imagine two opposing poles  which energy flows between like an alternating current.Yet another analogy is of the Universe breathing in and outlike some sentinent being . The Buddha peered into the heart of the continuing flux and saw that nothing is permanent and found enlightenment. This is a beautiful image but for me it is Christ the Redeemer that holds centre  stage in my psyche.Then there is the Goddess mythology which is close to my pagan heart, but even the power of the Goddess cannot dim the light of Christ the Redeemer .

One of the features that attracts me to the Christian story is it’s humanity.. The symbolism of Christs birth in a stable surrounded by animals touches our hearts. We connect human to human . The awesome mystery of life recedes and we are comforted..

As a child I was deeply affected by Christs message of love and forgiveness. ( even though I found it impossible to live up to!)   “ The greatest law is love” he said. He also told us to refrain from judgement.” He who is without sin cast the first stone ” And importantly to believe in our own power.” The Kingdom of God lies within“. When performing his miracles he assured us we had the same powers inherent within us.” This that I do know you also shall do” For reasons I will give later I believe the meaning of Christs message is only now beginning to be understood.

The glaring fault of Christianity ( as taught by the church)is the absence of the balancing presence of the dark pole of nature. This creates a split between spirit and matter which expresses in so many damaging ways. This being so why haven’t I purged this one sided expression of patriarchy as thoroughly as I have the absurdities of my Catholic childhood?  Why does the numinous figure of Christ the Redeemer continue to haunt my imagination?

To be continued ——-



Satan! (The Abuse and Misuse of)


“Leave me out of it!”

 I don’t know about anyone else but I’m suffering from a bad case of “Satanic Overload. The current reports all over the internet about child abuse are so grotesque that it seems only one word is appropriate to describe them – Satanic!

But I’m wary of using this name – it has the kind of lip licking salacious glamour so beloved by the tabloid press And not just the tabloids, much of the alternative media seem addicted to this description in their reports of the wide spread child abuse rings “allegedly” used by people of power and privilege.

Obviously it goes without saying that the endemic abuse of children must be exposed and stopped and the perpetrators brought to justice to get the punishment they deserve (Hung drawn and quartered preferably) It’s just that don’t think these aberrations of nature can be accurately described as Satanic. And I’ll tell you why.

I see the Dark and Terrible Satan as a manifestation of the fear of nature that arose after the time of the “Fall” when we stepped out of the dream like participation with the natural world and experienced it for the first time as something separate.. Perhaps this had to happen as we journeyed towards  consciousness. I don’t know.

It’s at this stage that the biblical Satan appears (as does the feminine serpent ) but there is no doubt in my mind that these accounts are a distortion of the “real” Satan who I see as an expression of the masculine vitality enlivening the natural world. This is life in all it’s raw power, wild and animalistic, experienced through the senses, unfettered and unrestrained by self consciousness.

The Celtic depiction this energy is the mythical  Cerrunus, half man half goat dancing with cloven hooves to the mad sweet music of the elements. He is guided not by thought, but by instinct and a heightened awareness of the language of the earth – her vibrations, her seasons and cycles, her musky scents. To be this close to nature means you cannot step outside her laws. And importantly,you cannot control her.

This is why I say that that Paedophilia is not Satanic. It is a perversion of nature. Animals for example never sexually violate their  young. It is a terrible sickness afflicting those who have lost their connection to the earth and to her laws.

I go along with Anton La Vey, author of The Satanic Bible when he says Satan has been cruelly maligned by false and hypercritical Christian morality. I had faint stirrings of Catholic guilt when I first opened this book, not quite knowing what to expect.

I needn’t have worried. La Veys  account of the Horned One is melodramatic, overblown and frankly absurd. And very funny. Take this passage for example-spoken by “Satan”- which rants against phony morality: ”I blast out the ghastly contents of hypercritically whited sepulchres and laugh with mirthful wrath!”.As you see understatement is not one of La Veys defining characteristics.

And in the Chapter on Satanic Sex he confounds all expectations by waxing positively moral!: “Satanism does not advocate rape, child molestation, defilement of animals, or the participation by the innocent or naive who could be easily intimidated or misguided in doing something against their wishes”. Got that? Satanism does not advocate child molestation.

In fact La Vey pours scorn on the obsession that modern society has with sex, saying sexual energy is just one expression of our natural vitality – there are others, which if repressed leads to depression and a sense of meaningless (Described so evocatively in TS Eliots ‘The Waste Land’) The other effect of stemmed libidinous energy is that it is forced into unnatural channels.

 He’s got a point. And although it doesn’t excuse the powerful people who abuse children, I’d put money on them having gone through a loveless childhood redolent with repressed or perverted libidinous energy. Just look at the Royals  or the Bush family for example

On further reading La Vey comes across as a kind of modern urban (megalomaniac) pagan, reacting against the phoney Christian morality that still lingered  in the sixties when the Satanic Bible was being written – when the  cultural revolution had just begun it’s overturning of the old stultifying order.

The aspect of La Veys world view that I find totally repellent is his sub Nietzschean exaltation of the strong, who he believes are the natural inheritors of the Earth. This of course evolved from Darwins  (misinterpreted) survival of the fittest theory-which eventually was picked up by Hitler. The rest you know.

That being said la Vey does provide an interesting perspective on the duality of our animal/spiritual duality.

La Vey along with Nietzsche and Hitler despised Christianity which he says sucks the vitality out of life. They believed it was inimical to natural biology and responsible for the enfeeblement and oppression of all those affected by it. And when viewed from the perspective of all the indigenous cultures decimated by  so called Christianity there’s not much to argue with. 

Except – just as the loathsome figure  we know and fear today is not the ‘Real’ Satan, so the phoney type of Christianity reviled by La Vey does not represent the  ‘Real’ Christ.

Now just for the sake of brevity lets not get bogged down in all those arguments about whether Christ was an historical figure or not, and agree that just like Satan, he is an archetype.  No one thinks Satan is a real goat like figure prancing about. Equally it’s not necessary to think of the Christ as someone dressed in white with a halo around his head.

Now this is the point where I have to admit that I don’t feel comfortable with La Veys bombastic Satan. He’s been useful in pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards that have unfairly relegated him as the source of all evil, and he’s given me a good laugh. But in the end he’s too one sided, self important-and he lacks heart. And I don’t go along with his rejection of the true Christian virtues of love,compassion and humility either

Instead I see Satan and Christ as the two inseperable aspects of our human nature. Satan represents the dynamism of Earth and of the natural world which vivifies our physical beings; and Christ represents our spiritual potential. All Satan and no Christ is not possible at this stage in the growth of human consciousness . And all Christ without Satan is not possible while we remain in physical form. Nature and Spirit. Spirit and Nature. Can’t have one without the other. And it’s time we accepted that fact.

A young friend recently gave me album to listen to with the delightful title “Cradle of Filth”. I found the music unbearable but some of the lyrics were wonderful in an adolescent gothy way. One track ‘The Forest Whispers My Name “depicts the age old conflict between the energies of Christ and of the Natural world.

The forest beckons with her nocturnal call
To pull me close’mid the baying of wolves
Where the bindings of Christ are down-trodden with scorn
In the dark, odoriferous earth”

But why should it be that a belief in Christ bars us from connecting to “The dark odoriferous ? Earth” Why has this split between nature and spirit occurred.? And-the big question.: Can it be healed? .

I shall be tackling this conundrum in my next post. In the meantime,give the Guy with the Horns.a break! Stop nailing all the man made evils of the world onto him, and admit that life without Satan life would be very insipid affair indeed.




We choose freedom


                Trump is the creation of the Liberal elite.

There is a scientific law that says: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I’m writing this soon after Trump was voted in  by millions of America people to be their next President This coming not long after the Brits voted leave the European Union. And now I’ve just this minute heard Italy has also voted to quit the EU

Of course the general consensus among the liberal left is that anyone who voted for Brexit or Trump must be some kind of psychopathic Nazi..

But surely it would be far more useful to ask just why vast numbers of people are rejecting the liberal/left agenda and turning to the right.

How about they are mostly people at the lower end of society who have been rendered redundant and systematically ignored, marginalised, and swept aside by the march of globalisation with it’s army of colonising multinationals?

How about they are sick of not being allowed to question unrestricted immigration when they see how this creates a fearful cheap and disenfranchised work force which pushes them to the bottom of the queue?

How about they feel their culture, traditions and identity are given no respect as they are subsumed into a globalist collective identity? And that even to dare voice their disquiet about this puts them in danger of being prosecuted under one of the draconian pieces of legislation that limits free speech – Europe’s Incitement to Racial Hatred Act and Americas Patriot Act? (To name just two.)

How about they are sickened by the carnage being enacted in the Middle East by wars they did not vote for? Which has created the tragic refugee situation that impacts upon the poorest in our society who are forced to share their limited resources with the overflow of desperate migrants who’ve been bombed out of their homes?

How about the impotant anger they feel when all the above is imposed upon them by the false doctrine of phoney liberalism? Which purports to be advocating a unified planet in which all racial and cultural distinctions are blended into a harmonious global identity? But in fact is fascism cunningly disguised?

How about are rebelling against a social engineering agenda that cynically hijacked the genuine urge for planetary cooperation which arose after the first world war. and subverted that vision into it’s hideous doppelgänger-a centralised collectivist world order where the voice of the individual counts as nothing?

How about they do not want to be ‘harmonised’ into a faceless mass, subject to the authority of one world police force. ‘Defended’ by a one world army. Bled dry by a one world tax system with a one world micro chipped currency. All controlled by a one world government comprising not of our elected representatives but by the international banking cartel whose command of the money supply allows them to shape word events through debt enslavement?

How about they see the absolute farce of environmental laws, purportedly to limit carbon emissions and stem climate change, while the carbon dependent armament and aviation industries are allowed to proliferate without limits.? And the green light given to ground polluting fracking-amongst countless other blatant environmental violations? Not to mention the Secret Space program eating up trillions of our taxes which nobody was consulted over-ditto Weather Modification Technology such as HARP

Then after you have considered all that, then perhaps you can begin to understand the desperation that forced ordinary people to vote for someone as unpalatable as Trump – who promises to reverse the globalist agenda and to give jobs to the American people and not to some foreign faceless cheap work force. Some one who despite his hideous behavioural traits, at least doesn’t speak hypercritical garbage about pretending to save the environment and stopping climate change? The same with Nigel Garage of U Kip in Britain who although not the kind of person I’d hang out with, has behaved with courage by standing up to the dangers of a federalised Europe

The more sinister aspect of this swing away from the Liberal.Left is demonstrated by the disquieting rise of the. Far Right The irony of this is that any group that gathers around an agreed ideology chanting slogans and sporting symbols of their collective identity have forfeited their autonomy and are in just as much danger of being ruled by an external authority as the people they see as being in polar opposition to them.

But as I said at the beginning. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Push people too far one way and this is what you get.

Perhaps as it has been suggested the division of Right and Left and the threat of violent conflict that could be it’s consequence, has been deliberately engineered. As good old David Ike has been saying for years: it’s  the tried and tested Problem, Reaction, Solution tactic .

Create the Problem. Wait for the inevitable Reaction. Then having created the right conditions – move in with the Solution. In this case the mobilisation of a globally centralised police force to restore order.

However all the above is not inevitable. Although I do recognise the power of the global elite to impose their programme upon us, I also go along with psychologist Carl Jung who says the invisible forces of the human psyche are the prime creators of our destiny.

Almost magically, these invisible forces rise up bringing with them unexpected developments. Take the internet for example and the emergence of renegades like Julian Assuage, Chelsea Manning and and Edward Snowdon.. Plus the thousands of ordinary people using the net to offer an alternative interpretation to the official line we’re pedalled by mainstream media channels .

In the end I am comforted by humanity’s instinct for truth. And by it’s capacity for compassion-and yes-love. The enormous change in attitudes towards our fellow humans is demonstrated by our growing rejection of war.  No longer do we regard people of far-off lands as somehow not capable of suffering as we do. Now when we see a Syrian father weeping in despair as his children cling to him in a leaky boat, we realise that could be any of us.

Finally, some words from my all time hero Carl Gustav Jung, from his book The Undiscovered Self, where he passionately advocates the role of the individual over collectivism

“I am neither spurred on by excessive optimism nor in love with high ideals, but am merely concerned with the fate of the individual human being – that infinitesimal unit on whom the world depends And in whom,if we read the meaning of the Christian message aright,even God seeks his goal.”


Two paths lie before us


A new world is now within our reach, hovering in the ethers of pre-manifestation, created by      our our yearnings our visions our prayers our struggling and our suffering.

                         Or there’s this


                  Which will you choose?

Although this article is not intended to be an in depth analysis of the tangled web of deceit, double dealings, two faced hypocrisy, Machiavellian machinations and downright evil of the global elite who control our political systems, the surrealistic tragi/comedy of the American elections has  pushed my credulity past the critical point.

I’m writing this just before the elections results are announced and although Trump speaks out against Globalisation, I just can’t put my faith in a man of such low moral calibre, who holds women and the feminine principle in general in deep contempt And as for Clinton, well she is a deeply evil person, a murderer a liar and a sexual pervert. So which way it goes I don’t see either of these people contributing to the kind of world I envision.

What interesting times we live in. This is a situation like never before Epic. Legendary. And despite everything I feel great anticipation and optimism for the future. As the saying goes-watch this space and hold onto your hats. It’s going to be an exciting ride!

This is a time of opportunity. Enough of us now are awakening to the tricks played on us to keep us in ignorance so a few super powerful interests can hold onto their privilege and their wealth. The main one being divide and rule. The current hate and fear inducing ploy being Isis, but there have been many many others.

Now that are moving beyond their reach and refusing to fall into their old traps. This has set the usurpers of our planet into a frenzy, causing them to intensify their forces of deception in a desperate bid to deflect us from our course.

But we must not be diverted from our path. A new world is now within our reach, hovering in the ethers of pre-manifestation, created by our our yearnings our visions our prayers our struggling and our suffering

Because they see their power slipping away they have intensified their assault on our minds in a desperate attempt to cloud our judgement. They are masters of deception and the weapons they use are psychological. Their favourite tactic which they’ve refined to a point of sublime cunning, is to hijack our best ideals and twist them so’s they become the opposite of what they seem. This is the danger that confronts us at this time.

Every time the people begin to awake, our controllers resort to these tactics. The first decade of 20th century was a time of enormous creativity. It was a time of awakening. People were pushing against the narrow band of excepted knowledge. The newly discovered world of quantum physics was opening strange and exciting vistas into the world of science. The arts were alive with depictions of life unfettered by obsolete customs, creeds and political thought. It was the time when the common man began asserting his individuality and when women fought for equality

All this was brought to an end by the first world war.

The call to arms effectively reactivated the old conditioning, causing a return to the old values of unquestioning patriotism and mindless obedience to the ruling classes. Countless millions sacrificed their lives for a lie and a fraud.

Twenty years later the same con trick was played, only this one had an added ingredient The world economy was deliberately manipulated causing the great depression which stirred up revolutionary forces – right against left, fascism against communism – as it was meant to. Adolph Hitler was called in as a decoy, presenting the global puppet masters with justification for another period of carnage-whose sole purpose was to protect the interests of the ruling classes and their bankers.

The second world war culminated in the dropping of two hydrogen bombs onto Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing yet more millions of innocent citizens. This act of evil was meant to finally demonstrate the absolute control of the elite.

Then just as it seemed as if the final stage in their plan for world domination was about to succeed – something very strange and wonderful happened

In the sixth decade of the last century the invisible forces of the universe came to our aid, sending an infinitely more powerful cosmic time bomb, whose magnitude created a protective shield to all who recognised its presence. It broke through and shattered the programming which had locked us into illusion. Dormant evolutionary forces were set into motion, awakening us to an awareness of our true destiny.

Since then the world has been undergoing a transformation where distinctions between race, gender and even species are narrowing. People are drawing together in recognition of their common humanity. Along with this is a growing distaste for war and other forms of exploitation

Now Two paths open up before us. A globalised New World Order controlled by increasingly sophisticated technology linking us up to a centralised data base. Put into place and validated by an international legal system. Or one based on a recognition of invisible web of energy that connects all creation

Make no mistake. Although both systems aim for interconnection, one leads to freedom the other to enslavement. The way to tell them apart is to ask a simple question. Which protects the supremacy of the individual spirit to decide what is right. And which is imposed upon us by an external authority? And most important of all – which path has a heart and which does not?

We have to sharpen up,because our dreams of a unified world is being hijacked, subverted and fed back to us as the hideous doppelgänger of quasi liberal ideology. . The artificial program of multiculturalism is just one such example, but there are others. People will move towards recognition of their common identity in their own time and in their own way-and not be sucked into a social programming agenda designed to rob us of our national identity, our connection to our ancestral roots, and to make us feel like criminals for loving the land that gave us birth.


But as the burgeoning alternative media shows – we’ve had enough. We’ve seen through their mind control games and looked deep into our hearts and brought our vision for a united world into focus – and are telling the mind controllers and their quasi liberal NWO fascist agenda to FUCK OFF.